Middle Camp

Middle Camp program offers the same program as Junior Camp, with several differences. Offering a full day of exciting and fun and safe activities, we make use of our beautiful facility, where campers will receive instruction in a wide variety of sports and arts activities. Many of our activities are taught by instructors who work year round in related fields.

Middle Camp day trips are scheduled once a week.  Trips may be longer in length, in some cases being a full day trip. Trip schedules will be handed out prior to the start of camp and are discussed at length at pre-camp parent meetings. All trips are not included in camp fees and in cases where lunch or snacks are provided, parents will be notified prior to the date of the trip.

For swimming, campers ability and skill levels are evaluated on an individual basis. They are then placed in a designated swim group that is suited to their needs. Swimming is 2 to 3 times per week at the beautiful River Crest swim club in Piscataway.