BEST summer camp experience was great for my son, he really enjoyed his counselors. They seemed to genuinely enjoy their jobs and the kids. It was easy to drop him off in the morning and know they’d be safe and having fun at camp, even though he didn’t know anyone at the beginning of the week. We’ll be back next year.” — Shalonda Tanner


“BEST Camps far exceeded our expectations. I was impressed by everything from the morning greetings when we arrived, to the warm and accessible counselors. I will definitely sign up my child for BEST Camps again in the future.” — Laura Nunez


“My sons have been attending BEST Summer Camps for three summers now, and they absolutely love them! The counselors and instruction are top-notch, and my boys always come home with smiles and great stories about their day. Thanks for providing such a fun, safe and positive summer experience for my kids year after year!” — Missy Cook


“Our son has loved every minute of his BEST Camp experience! In fact he can’t wait to go to camp in every morning. Thank you BEST for providing him with such a quality camp experience.” — Rachael Smith


“This was an excellent experience for our son. I cannot believe he had so many positive changes in just one week. His words were ‘The camp is amazing. I like the way they treat me at camp!’ “ – Sylvia McAdams


“Not only were his camp experiences far more fun than my son expected, and the activities and supervision far better than I expected, but somehow I came away with a child who is holding doors for me, making eye contact, and asking how he can help… THANK YOU!!!! We’ll try to continue what you started.” — Diane Grant


“I want to commend your staff, counselors and entire organization for their professionalism and unfailingly positive attitude. T Most importantly, counselors are very kind and considerate with both the children and their parents. It is rare to find this nowadays.” — Vanessa Crowe

“Once again, your camp has proven to be a great experience for my son Tyler to.  He loves it and comes away with a lot of valuable lessons.  I was lucky enough to get there early for pick-up yesterday and saw Tyler named one of the “Campers of the Week.”  I don’t think the smile left his face all night.  Thank you! We will definitely see you again next year.” — Loraine Saunders


“We have enjoyed camps at BEST for the last couple years and have been referring many of our friends.  The variety of camps is terrific, the staff is excellent and most importantly Anthony is really enjoying all of the camps. Thanks again!” — Sarah Hahn


“Both of my sons, ages 6 and 4, had fabulous experiences at BEST.  They were so excited to go to camp every morning which was not the case in previous years at other camps. BEST is such a well-run program with a delightful staff. We look forward to participating in other BEST programs in the future. Thanks!” — Bridget Calhoun


We have been very happy with the basketball camp the last two years. My son Tarik, who just turned 8, asked to return again this summer. As we stepped onto the BEST grounds on Monday, Gabriel let out a big sigh and said “its good to be back”. Worth gold to hear this! Thank you for adding more about leadership and positive behavior too.” — Sandra Clark


“Our daughter attended camp for one week and was concerned on the first day that she didn’t know anyone in her camp. The counselors made her feel right at home and she got into the car at the end of the day saying how much fun she had and how much she loved BEST.” — Lisa Smart


My three children all enjoyed BEST Camps in their first summer with the program. They all had a different specialty program and each one enjoyed the day so much that they wanted to stay for after care!  — Renee Ayers